Mindset Determines Outcome

It took many years and a long twisted road littered with shattered dreams, broken promises, detours, disappointments and failures before I believed then starting living with the belief and understanding of just how much our Mindset Determines Outcome.

We all have our story and we all have a past that has contributed to molding us into who we are – the question is – Are you letting you past propel you or pull you down in your personal and professional life?

I’m the daughter that my mom never had and developed a bond with her that has helped me understand women and the unique way that you see and feel about the world around you. I watched mom – an empowered woman – be culturally and religiously suppressed and vowed to spend my life empowering women to soar rather be suppressed by anyone or anything like mom was.

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Here’s my official bio: Zaahir ‘Dr. Z.’ Hendricks is a Chiropractor, Holistic Physician, Functional Wellness and Mindset Mentor, Author and Speaker.

Born in South Africa, his life path after high school led him to the United States where he graduated with a chiropractic degree. His postgraduate studies included functional wellness, nutrition, neuroscience, emotional balance, energy healing, hypnosis and psychology, neurolinguistics and quantum healing

With over 20 years experience in healthcare, he realized the importance of educating and facilitating people  to better long term outcomes. This led to the development of the life-changing Mindset Determines Outcome online program available for individuals and corporations. As a corporate program MDO helps team leaders improve their leadership and communication skills while team members improve their productivity and mentality.